PLC 225

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Building on the design concept and  success of a “modular photon blanket“, we are introducing the PLC225. The photon blanket concept is the most ideal and efficient way of delivering photon(light) to the entire crop and maximizing its effectiveness. With the new PLC225, we implemented higher efficiency COB’s, an improved flowering spectrum, and lowered total system wattage while maintaining the same PPF as previous bar models. That is a 18% increase in system efficiency for more wattage saved, and cooler operation. In addition performance gains, the unit cost was also reduced, to make a even more over all economical solution for high efficiency horticulture lighting.



LED Efficacy: 2.08µmols/w

Total output (PPF): 465µmols/s

Recommended Unit Spacing: 16″-20″ on center



  • Is a full cycle spectrum designed to maximize photosynthesis and yields with a red shifted SPD. This improves flowering and fruiting development specifically. While still providing enhanced blue for increase crop quality over traditional light sources.


– Built in aluminum high efficiency white reflector 

-High transmittance optical glass 

Drivers: Meanwell HLG

Cooling: Passive Cooling

Lifespan: 50,000hrs

AC Electrical Characteristics:

Auto sensing 90-305vac input voltage range

Average wattage draw:  225w/120v   215w/230v

  • 2.1A @ 120VAC 
  • 1.05A @ 230VAC 
  • 0.99 @ 277VAC 

Dimmable from 100% to 10%

Dimensions: L:38″ W:12″  H:4.9″  14LB’s

Daisy chain multiple units*

5yr warranty* 

Water resistant Power Cord and Ratchet Hangers Included

Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 12 x 5 in
Power Cord

120v, 240v