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Introducing the PLC330 LED light fixture. This is a 2 year project to create an affordable ultra high efficiency LED that could truly be used to its fullest by professionals and hobbyists alike. The PLC330’s offers industry leading efficiency and output. Boasting 2.37µmols/joule at the system level makes it the most efficient full spectrum light on the market. We accomplish this by leveraging the best LED platforms for the application, and not compromising in their implementation. The use of multiple LED platforms has not only given us top end efficacy but also allowed us offer a full and deep red enhance spectrum to target the most photosynthetically active and photomorphogenicaly beneficial areas of the spectrum. Resulting in healthier, more vigorous, and higher yielding plants from rooting though harvest. The 47″ linear design of the fixture combined with wide angle beam gives unmatched coverage and light dispersion to create an extremely versatile fixture. They are designed to be implemented in arrays as overhead lighting, as full intensity side lighting, or as supplemental for greenhouses. It’s ultra light weight and remote driver allow it to be used on light movers and standard mounting accessories with ease. The PLC330’s versatility and scalability make it the perfect choice for any style grower.


Photon Efficacy: 2.37µmols/j

Total Output: 782µmols/s (400nm-700nm)

Recommended Unit Spacing for flowering: 16“-24” on center for 4×4 to 5×5 coverage

Recommended hanging height: 18-24″ for controlled environment sole source lighting


  • Photo Boost – A full cycle spectrum designed to maximize photosynthesis and yields with an emphasis on flower and fruit production. The PLC Photo Boost spectrum uses a broad band white mix and 660nm to deliver a full and targeted red enhanced spectrum.

Drivers: Meanwell HLG320 

Cooling: Passive

Lifespan: 50,000hrs

AC Electrical Characteristics:

Auto sensing 90-305vac input voltage range

Average wattage draw:  330w/120v   325w/230v   320w/277v

  • 2.8 @ 120VAC 
  • 1.4A @ 230VAC 
  • 1.21 @ 277VAC 

Dimming Capable: 10% to 100%  


Light Bar– L:47″ W:3″  H:4″  7LB’s 

Off-Board Driver  L:12″ W:4″  H:3″  4LB’s 

3yr warranty* 

Water resistant Power Cord(120v or 240v, specify voltage at checkout) and Ratchet Hangers Included

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 14 x 7 in
Power Cord

120v, 240v