Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping options at this time. Legalities and cost are the reasons. 

Q: What wattage HID’s do your lights compare to?


-The PLC6 is a one for one replacement for standard 1000w HPS fixtures. 

-2 PLC330’s will compare to a 1000w DE HPS system

Q: What height should I hang my PLC light?

A: Ideal hanging height will vary slightly based on which light model is in question, and we refer you to the product page for more specific recommendations. For an quick rule of thumb, optimal intensity and coverage  will usually fall between 18-28″. 

Q: Where are your fixtures made?

A: PLC’s fixtures are made from the best possible components sourced from around the world. All components are kept on hand at PLC, with units assembled in Southern California.

Q:What kind of shipping is used?

Shipping terms are EXW.

Lights are shipped via UPS. Components are shipped via USPS or UPS.

If you have a large order and would like to work out alternative shipping methods, please contact us at sales@pacificlightconcepts.com and we will be glad to help.

Q: Can I return the light?

A: Yes, you may return the light within 30 days from purchase with a 25% restocking fee plus shipping. Lights must be returned in like-new condition or are subject higher restocking fees.

Q: How is warranty handled?

A: If there is any manufactured defect within three years of purchasing, please document the issue as much as possible and contact us to make a claim. We will do whatever we can to get your light working in the quickest time frame possible. For complete warranty details and coverage, click HERE

If after 3yrs there is an issue or we will fix the issue for the cost of parts+10% and then shipping. 

Q: Will you offer discounts to existing customers for new generation light?

A: Yes. As technology continually improves we would like to offer our loyal customers the chance to upgrade their units at a lower cost. We thank you for your loyalty, and will continue to offer the best products available. 

Q: Do you do discounts for online grow journals?

A: No. We feel that there is no need, nor is it fair, to incentives people to talk well of our product because they want a discount. We pride ourselves on transparency and real world results, discounting grow journal is very counterproductive to our mission and values. The results speak for themselves and we stand behind that. Also we want to offer the lowest price to anyone interested. Whether you tell everyone you know, or nobody at all, we only want to help you get the best results possible for a great price.