Osram 320w Horticulture Driver 57595


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Osram, one of the biggest names in horticulture lighting now has new high efficiency ip67 rated industrial LED drivers targeted specifically for horticulture. These are the perfect solution for anyone who uses a driver such as the HLG320H-c line, but at a much better price! They fit perfectly with our Photo Boost reference designs and give you more photons per dollar than any other power supplies in their class.

These will come programmed to 1440ma/222v to fit perfectly to maximize wattage with a 8 strip Photo Boost designs. 2 would be used for a PLC640 housing build or similar DE comparable builds.

We will be selling the programming cables for users to program themselves, but will not sell these drivers custom programmed. This model can function at 320w in any combination from 1050ma/230Vdc to 2100ma/115Vdc. Refernece the opertaing window graph on page 3 of the data sheet. Remember…Amps*Volts=Watts.

0-10v dimmable linear dimming with “dim to off” so that they can be fully controlled by systems such as Trol-Master(using LMA-14 adapter for LEDs). As well as with 0-10v PWM based controls for other digital control systems.  Can also be dimmed using a basic 100K ohm potentiometer.

Osram Part Number: 57595

Data Sheet:

Click to access 57337-57595-OT320-UNV-2A1-2DIM-A-P7-Specification-Sheet.pdf

600w options coming soon. Email for details or early orders.

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