Samsung Photo Boost Strip

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Photo-Boost Strips are horticulture specific linear light engines with extreme efficacy. Ideal for high light intensity and maximum uniformity applications. Our Photo-Boost spectrum is an enhanced broad spectrum designed to maximize photosynthetic and photomorphogenic responses.

-96 Samsung 301B (The most efficient white in the world)

-4 CREE XP-G3 Photo Red (The most efficient 660nm in the world)

-Push-in Terminal Connectors (rated for 300v)

-Linear Optic Compatible (Ledil: Florence 1R series)


Operating Characteristics

Min Typ Max
AMPERAGE 700ma 1400ma 1900ma
VOLTAGE 26 V 27 V 28 V
WATTAGE 18.2 W 37.8 W 53.2 W
PHOTON EFFICACY 2.95 µmols/j 2.78 µmols/j 2.53 µmols/j
OUTPUT 53.69 µmols 105.08 µmols 134.59 µmols


Dimensions: L:560mm x W:25m x H:4.25mm


Compatible Heatsinks

PLC Heatsinks for up to 1900ma –

For 1400ma or less- – 1.000″ profile –


Common Driver Configurations(wired in series)

1 strip:

  • ERP 40w PSB40w-1400-27
  • Meanwell HLG40-30

2 Strips:

  • Meanwell LPF-90-54
  • Meanwell HLG80-54

4 strips:

  • Meanwell LG 120H-c1400

5 strips:

  • Meanwell HLG240h-c1750

6 strips:

  • Meanwell HLG240h-c1400

8 Strips:

  • Meanwell HLG320h-c1400


For parallel configurations

54v Drivers of any brand. Make sure your configuration is within operating specs for current, not exceeding 1900ma per strip.



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Additional information

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Dimensions 24 × 2 × .5 in