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Behind the scenes, the 6.2 has aluminum housing, for a overall solid and rugged unit. As well as redesigned packaging to ensure safe, secure, and discreet shipment.

Over our 8 years of commercial LED grow lighting experience, we have always ran into the same cost based push backs no matter how much better LED technology can be or what it offers over the cheaper and traditional sodium bulbs. With the PLC6 platform we took that issue head on and wanted to offer the most photons/dollar we could while still making sure to outperform all other technologies on the market. We took it a step farther in the 6.3 with a finely tuned horticulture specific spectrum. Leveraging the highest performing components, throughout the system, allowed us to do just that with the PLC 6.2.


Photon Efficacy: 2.08µmols/j

Total Output: 1200µmols/s

Recommended Unit Spacing: 48” on center (4×4 area)


  • Full Cycle – Is a full cycle spectrum designed to maximize photosynthesis and yields with a red leaning full spectrum. This improves flowering and fruiting development specifically. While still providing enhanced blue for increase crop quality over traditional light sources.


– Built in aluminum high efficiency white reflector  

LED’s: Bridgelux Vero 29C

**Special order- CREE CMA3090 Etone High CRI

Drivers: Meanwell HLG 

Cooling: Splayed Passive Heatsinks

Lifespan: 50,000hrs

AC Electrical Characteristics:

Auto sensing 90-305vac input voltage range

Average wattage draw:  600w/120v   578w/277v

  • 5.03A @ 120VAC 
  • 2.51A @ 230VAC 
  • 2.21 @ 277VAC 

Dimmable from 100% to off  via manual dimmer knob. (TrolMaster compatible upon request, but no manual dimmer.)

Dimensions: L:24.5″ W:25.25″  H:4.9″  29LB’s

3yr warranty* 

Water resistant Power Cord and Ratchet Hangers Included

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 29 × 6 in
Power Cord

120v, 240v