Samsung Horticulture Photo Boost Strip

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Special Samsung Horticulture Production using 301H and 351H

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 16 strip Reference Design Build Click Here

(1000w DE replacement build)


This system is for experienced LED builders that know how to use and troubleshoot LED builds. This is not for new builders.



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Photo-Boost Strips are horticulture specific linear light engines with extreme efficacy. Ideal for high light intensity and maximum uniformity applications. Our Photo-Boost spectrum is an enhanced broad spectrum designed to maximize photosynthetic and photomorphogenic responses. This is a special production using all Samsung Horticulture diodes, LM301H and LH351H. 

-96 Samsung 301H white LEDs

-4 Samsung LH351H V2 660nm red LEDs

-Push-in Terminal Connectors (rated for 300v)

-Linear Optic Compatible (Ledil: Florence 1R series)


Operating Characteristics

Min Typ Max
AMPERAGE 700ma 1400ma 1900ma
VOLTAGE 25.77 V 26.57V 28 V
WATTAGE 18.03 W 37.2W 53.2 W
PHOTON EFFICACY 3.00 µmols/j 2.85 µmols/j 2.6 µmols/j
OUTPUT 54.09 µmols 106.02 µmols 138.32 µmols


Dimensions: L:560mm x W:25m x H:4.25mm


Compatible Heatsinks

Best heatsinks available-

Very light weight and great for 1400ma or less builds- – 1.000″ profile –


Common Driver Configurations(wired in series) and coverage space

1 strip: clones

  • ERP 50w PSB50w-1400-27
  • Meanwell HLG40-30

2 Strips: Clones small veg

  • Meanwell LPF-90-54
  • Meanwell HLG80-54

4 strips: 2×2

  • Meanwell LG 120H-c1400

5 strips: 2×2 to small 3×3

  • Meanwell HLG240h-c1750

6 strips: 2×2 to small 3×3

  • Meanwell HLG240h-c1400

8 Strips: good for 2×4 and 3×3

  • Meanwell HLG320h-c1400

10 Strips: 4×4 1000w SE

  • Meanwell HLG480h-c1750


For parallel configurations

54v Drivers of any brand. Make sure your configuration is within operating specs for current, not exceeding 1900ma per strip.

2 strips in series make 54V. Then you can parallel connect as many pairs of strips from there as needs .

Example: 12 strips on a HLG480h-54b driver with a current output of 8.9amps. 2 strips in series make 54V. Wire 6 sets of 2 strips in series to make 6 “54v strip sets”. Then connect the (+) from each strip set to each other and to the (+) from the driver. Then connect the (-) from each strip set all together and to the (-) of the driver. The 8.9amps will get divided over the 6 strip sets and run ~1.48a(1480ma) per strip.

*note there are 2 positive and negative connection points on each strip. Only one is needed to be used in 99% of applications. The other is there as an alternative for if needed. Again, 99% of build will not need both connection points so do not use them. If you don’t know or are unsure if you need it…you don’t need it.



Reference Design BOM Link

16 Strip Build video

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 2 × .5 in